Argyle™ Sterile Irrigating Solutions

Covidien offers sterile water and saline in a variety of sizes and configurations. These include 100 mL bottles and 100 mL foil packets.

Order Information

Order CodeDescriptionShip Case
10000Argyle™ Sterile Water 100 mL48
1020Argyle™ Sterile Saline, 0.9% 100 mL48
1024Argyle™ Sterile Water 100 mL48
1022Argyle™ Sterile Saline, 0.9% 100 mL48

Features and Benefits

Different packaging optionsConvenience

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products sterile?Yes.
How are item numbers 10000 and 1020 packaged?They are packaged in eight six-packs.
What is the concentration of the sterile saline?The sterile saline bottle contains: Sodium Chloride, percentage 0.855 - 0.945 USP (for NaCl) and the pH 4.5 - 7.0 USP.